About Us

Social media is quickly becoming a place that is not only used as a past time for millennials, but is becoming a platform that allows for businesses to target and ATTAIN and keep NEW CUSTOMERS. They do this by being able to use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to SPECIFICALLY TARGET their customers and they’re doing this for LESS COST than running a newspaper ad or flyer.

There are over 45.9m people online in the UK which is almost 90% of the total population. This provides your business with a massive opportunity to reach out to these people, SPREAD AWARENESS of your brand and also run campaigns that will allow you to INCREASE YOUR SALES.

Connect Social is a business that helps other small businesses leverage their social media streams such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to gain a BIGGER CUSTOMER BASE. We help you by running highly effective ad campaigns that can target very specific customers and can TAILOR what you want from each ad.

We are currently only taking on 10 clients which allows us to be very personal with each client we have, meaning that we can understand fully who your customers are and what they want, allowing us to get you a great ROI for each campaign you run!

If you think your business would benefit from reaching out to 90% of the UK then please get in contact with us and as an added bonus, if you are still unsure then we are currently providing a FREE Facebook ad campaign that will demonstrate the results we can bring!